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Erin & Brock

A couple that has been hooked on each other from the start!

Erin and Brock first met when Erin crashed a guys fishing trip to Emerald Isle two and a half years ago! The attraction was there from the beginning. They got engaged on September 21, 2019 on Jordan Lake. She finally agreed to go out on his boat with him after he had been begging her to go for a few weeks. They fished for a few hours and then ended up in a secluded cove. He sent her to the front of the boat in search of "green handled pliers" that weren't there as a distraction. When she turned around, he was down on one knee! Jordan Lake is also where they chose to have their engagement session!

Their wedding was held on October 10, 2020 at Buffalo Presbyterian Church. The day started out at the Cabana with the girls getting ready.

As they were getting ready, Brock came by and met Erin's mother outside to give her a gift for Erin. The meaningful gift brought tears to Erin's eyes as she opened it and read the letter. He had given her the band to complete her ring set!

The girls took a van over to the Church where they continued getting ready. Erin had a heart felt first look with her dad, and Brock came and prayed with her before the ceremony.

The ceremony was an elegant church ceremony.

After the ceremony, they celebrated with their family and friends at the VFW Post and had a beautiful sparkler send off!

Venue: Buffalo Presbyterian Church / VFW Post 5631

Dress: Justin Alexander - Carolina Bridal World

Makeup: Samantha Phillips - The Cabana

Hair: Dailene Santos - The Cabana

Florist: Floral Designs by Eddie

Cake: Kathy Guerrero (Mother of the Bride)

Catering: Ronnie & Michelle Wilson

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