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Madison & Chris

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

A connection through mutual friends that turned into much more.

Madison and Chris have known each other since 2014, but officially started talking in 2018, and things took off from there. They hadn't seen each other in a few months, and Madison was over at her friend's house when Chris stopped by with his brother. He came in the door behind his brother, and their eyes met. He smiled at her and she felt something she had never felt before. She was very open with him about her past, even though she thought it would scare him away or that it would be too much for him. He opened her eyes to an entire new way of love and what God's love is like for us. He stayed with her every tear and hardship.

She knew he was the one the moment they started spending time together. Their first date was at the River Walk. That was where it all began, and that was the day she opened up to him about everything in her life. He sat with her and she just felt his peace and grace, and she knew it was special. She had a feeling he would be her best friend always.

The day he proposed, he told her he was going on a jog at the River Walk and that he would take her to lunch after. She got dressed and it had been a while, and he told her he had run into a friend at the River Walk and they had run together. She headed to meet him and they started walking and talking. He kept complaining that his legs were sore and he kept stopping to "rest". Her thought was "Dang, he must have had a good run." He kept looking behind them as they continued to walk, then all of a sudden, he got in front of her, and boom! She was totally caught off guard and shocked! He had her entire family there hiding in the background and Hannah was taking pictures. It was such a surprise and she was over the moon!

Their ceremony was the most simple, intimate celebration in the world. She couldn't have wanted it any different. The way he looked at her when she walked up to him made it the most perfect day. Her dad beside her was something she had wanted for a long time, and having their families there to witness it all made it beyond perfect. They took a simple trip to Greenville for their honeymoon. They had an amazing time. They went to a distillery, explored the shops, and had an incredible dinner at a restaurant with the best steak they had ever tasted. It was so sweet and special to both of them. They are planning to take another trip together a little down the road.

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